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The first student-founded and student-run laptop orchestra, LORKAS explores laptop and DIY interfaces as means of ensemble performance. LORKAS encourages interdisciplinary development and creative experimentation with technology and the arts. The ensemble's membership is comprised of instrumentalists, programmers, composers, dancers, audio engineers, designers, singers, and fabrication specialists.

They have performed at venues such as the MakerFaire, Play! Festival, Emerge Festival, A2RU Conference at Iowa State University, and the Phoenix Art Museum as well as prestigious local venues like the Mesa Arts Center. The group has curated workshops featuring leaders in the field of electronic music such as Perry Cook, Tim Place, John Wiese, Mark Hosler, and Diemo Schwarz.

Read more at www.lorkas.org


LORKAS' first record (released 12.1.15), nodes represents its members' collective composition and intepretation from 2014 to 2015. Recorded in Tempe, Arizona during the Summer of 2015, nodes' three A-side tracks were core pieces from LORKAS' live repertoire: gari (garrett laroy johnson), klangfarbenspiel (gil dori), and waywayseecappo (mitchell keaney). Each of the pieces investigate the laptop orchestra genre through their composers' aesthetics lens.

the three tracks of nodes' b-sides showcases current and former director's compositional inclinations; justin kennedy presents two pieces, asthmar and psuedotabla, which draw on a LORKAS improvisation made during the nodes recording session. midwest, a track composed by garrett laroy johnson, draws on various materials from the recording sessions as well as field recordings made during a road trip from Arizona to Ohio.

album credits

performers: gino ceresia, gil dori, michael gelinas, garrett laroy johnson, justin kennedy, althea pergakis

composition: ­gil dori (2), garrett laroy johnson (1, 5), mitchell keaney (3), justin kennedy (4, 6)

album artwork: ­matthew briggs

audio engineering: ­derek stevenson

production: ­garrett laroy johnson


contact current LORKAS directors Althea Pergakis + Justin Kennedy for more information at the.lorkas.asu@gmail.com.